We now have a website, which we’ll use to keep you up to date with our creative process of making the zine. Besides updates you’ll find extra pisswife content and exclusive peeks at how an issue of pisswife zine is actually made. Pisswife is also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, showing artworks and little previews of the articles that will be appearing in the upcoming issue.

On the 12th of January we had our first meeting of the new year, regarding the second issue of pisswife. As a follow up to our first issue “What is (a) pisswife?” – which is now almost ready to print – we will explore the theme of “Body & Mind” in the second edition of Pisswife zine. In this initial meeting all pisswives introduced a proposal to the group: an outline of what they want to write about or visualize and in what form (poem, essay, photo series, could be anything really). We find meetings like this effective and typical for the pisswife team; as they are essentially moments and spaces to be inspired by your fellow pisswives, to root for each other and see each other improve our work. Especially with a theme like “Body & Mind”, a topic that plays a big part in feminist discourse and offers many possibilities to create something personal and special, mutual support within the pisswife team is important. We have gone over everyone’s vision for the next issue and we’ve discussed what would work and what wouldn’t work in order to make the next pisswife an interesting read. We are confident in saying that the coming issue will be touching for its intimate nature, interesting and refreshing for its daring perspectives and above all inspiring.

There’s even more exciting news this January. The party planning committee is fairly busy organizing the launch party of “What is (a) pisswife?”. Right now we’re mainly putting together a list of artists that will entertain you on the evening of March 1st. You will be provided with the most exquisite poems, the most enticing musical numbers and finally we have a set of multiple DJs you can dance to. We’re very excited to see each and everyone of you there.

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