Based in Amsterdam, Pisswife’s activism wishes to speak to feminists all over the world whilst still remaining in touch with its roots in the Netherlands. This is why every month, we’ll present to you an agenda of interesting readings, protests, lectures or exhibitions in this country that pisswife will attend or that could be of interest to our readers. This month, these are our suggestions:

16th of January – (DUTCH) Half-opgesloten: Wat we kunnen doen voor vluchtelinggezinnen
This event will be held in Studio/K in the East of Amsterdam and the talks will be in Dutch. It’s organized by an organization called Geen kind aan de kant, which means to change the way the Dutch governments treats refugee families and wants to draw attention to how this affects refugee children. “It might seem unreal, but more than a thousand children in the Netherlands have to deal with unexpected police raids on a weekly base. These children live with their parents in so-called “family locations” that are spread over the country. The camps are designed for refugee families whose initial asylum application has been turned down by the Dutch state and are in await of their forced return to their countries of origin.” Geen kind aan de kant in coordination with Studio/K presents this night filled with talks to inform you about the current situation and elaborate on how you could help. They do not charge at the door.

17th of January – Bodies in Resistance: Gender, Body Politics and Neoliberalism
This reading is in The Hague, and will include works revolving around the topics of body politics, feminist political ecology, and sustainable livelihoods. More information can be found on the Facebook event. The event will be held at the International Institute of Social Studies.

18th of January – (DUTCH) Comité 21 maart meeting
The 21st of March is the international day against racism and discrimination. However, Comité 21 maart fights for this issue throughout the entire year. On the 18th, the comité will have a meeting to discuss and create a plan for campaigning to keep radical right-wing politicians from being elected in the local councils. The committee will reveal the activities they have planned in the run-up to the manifestation on March 18th, and will inform the public on how to get involved.

19th of January – (DUTCH) Writing for Wikipedia
Every third Friday of the month, Atria in collaboration with Wikiproject Gendergap organizes an event where people come together to write Wikipedia pages about women and typically “feminine” topics and interests. It’s a little afternoon of voluntary writing from 13:00 – 16:00. You are encouraged to bring your laptop.

23rd of January – Latin American Feminism: A New Wave?
This event takes place at Doelenzaal, University of Amsterdam-Library, Singel 425. “Professor Maxine Molyneux (UK) will give the second Rosa Manus Lecture titled ‘Latin American Feminism: A new Wave?’. There will be a comment by Professor Giselinde Kuipers. Maxine Molyneux will reflect on women’s movements and activism in Latin America, relating current struggles to the history of feminism in the region.” The event does not cost you anything, but you are required to register at the Atria website.

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