Last year some of the Pisswife girls got together to march and stand up for equal rights on Dam Square, Museum Square and in-between. In January 2017, the Women’s March was being held all over the world, and the states has continued this tradition on the exact same date in 2018. In various American cities, thousands of people rallied against president Trump and his policies. Not only Trumps politics were the motivation behind this year’s Women’s March; but also the theme of men abusing their positions of power and taking advantage of women, girls and other female-bodied people that has been apparent in the news over the last month, has pushed activists to speak up louder. Viral actions like #MeToo and #TimesUp have proven to the public that feminism still is very relevant and most of all, necessary. Upcoming midterm elections were a theme in multiple speeches across the nation; encouraging people everywhere to vote Democrats and save themselves from the Republicans currently running the country.

Unfortunately, in this country the Women’s March did not celebrate it’s first birthday. A statement from the organization Women’s March The Netherlands says: “Given the plans we have in the works for the coming months, we didn’t have the capacity to also organise the anniversary March many of you would have liked to have had in the Netherlands. We hear you, and we see you. Stop by, let’s talk about what you can do with us!” We’re excited to see what Women’s March The Netherlands has in store for us and encourages every single one of our readers to volunteer for their organization if you can!

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