On the 25th of January, some of the Pisswives enjoyed a few Dark & Stormy’s and decided to go out. All of them regulars in the Amsterdam nightlife, they headed out to dance their butts off at Club NYX, a self-proclaimed “open minded” nightclub that throws parties every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Janne, Saïda and Tessel were eating fries in line for the club, when their stereotypical Dutch characteristics kicked in: They were wondering how much this party was actually going to cost them. On the Facebook page it said: tickets at the door 7€, but Double D = get in for free. Naturally, three drunk feminists were not going to shrug this one off.

At the cash register, I asked the girl working there how this door policy would actually be put into practice. Do I remove my bra to show the bouncer the label with my cup size on it? Do I cup my breasts so they can see they’re well over a handful? The girl laughed and reassured me that the guys at the door would not make me undress, they just want to have a quick look. We weren’t really comforted by her words, so I went on to say that I thought it was a bit weird and uncomfortable for me if the guys at the door would stare at my tits in order to determine how much my entrance fee would be. She disagreed. “It’s sexy and it fits with the theme of the party” (which is called Sleazy). Now we understand that this is a party and not an environment to be all serious and political, but we do think that this door policy is unnecessary, body-shaming and highly sexist and therefore important to discuss.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.41.15 AM Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.03.44 AM

People with double D get in for free because they’re sexy. People with Double D get in for free because they fit within the ‘Sleazy’ theme of this party. Somehow, this door policy manages to compliment and insult people with large boobs simultaneously. Regardless of your cup size; some man in front of the door is going to be investigating your boobies whereas guys just walk in without feeling highly sexualized and closely watched.

The rest of the evening was alright, we tried to not be party poopers and have fun even though the door policy really put us off. I spoke to people on the dance floor and soon found out that many of them shared our opinion about the whole titty situation. After a few beers we had enough of the party and wanted to go home, so we waited for my friend who we lost somewhere on the dancefloor outside. We started talking to some other opinionated people, male and female, and this resulted in a series of interviews recorded on my phone.

This is a form of discrimination. If I were a girl and I didn’t have double D, I would be offended and I would not want to go to this club anymore.

Club NYX is a club that me and my friends regularly attend, and we initially were drawn to this place because of their profiling as an “openminded” club that wanted to create a fun environment for people of any sexuality. Their policy specifically says to have a positive and tolerant approach to people of any gender.

I have always had A or B cups, and I used to think that femininity had a correlation with the size of your breasts or your bum. Now I know it’s more about confidence, but for example this door policy makes me feel that way again.

PISSWIFE wants Club NYX and the people who are responsible for organizing Sleazy to change their door policy and stop making female-bodied visitors feel objectified before they even step inside the venue.

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