The bedroom series was probably one of the largest and most time consuming projects we did for pisswife for the first issue. Being inspired by Tammy Rae Carland’s Lesbian Beds (2002) photo series and her Keeping House (1999) series, I really wanted to do a photography project that depicted the pisswives in their mundane and everyday lives within the space of their bedrooms. Teaming up with Saïda was the most fun. We spilt the tasks, I filmed and interviewed our subjects, having them reenact some of their daily tasks for us, while Saïda snapped photographs of them. We spent months organising shooting days and traveling across the city from bedroom to bedroom, peeking into our fellow wives’ spaces and learning new things about them as we did. At first when we would enter one of our subjects rooms, they often reacted to the two cameras by feeling nervous and acting a bit standoffish, however, soon enough as we got talking about their spaces the wives would relax around us (and the cameras) and Saïda would be able to get a good shot or two.
Unfortunately, within the print zine we could not include the entire series, but now for the website you will be able to see the full photo series and the video.

On behalf of both Saïda and myself, we sincerely hope you enjoy watching our wives explain the things they like and dislike about their private spaces and enjoy the completed Bedroom Series.


“I lived in Amsterdam for four months last year and I hated it. I had the worst room. I was on the ground floor with people always coming so I had to have my curtains down all the time. I was always in the dark and it was so small. One of my friends in the Hague had a room available for like 400 euros so I was like, you know what, fuck it, I’ll just go. I like this place because its big, its mine and I don’t have to share it.”

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“Its just so pure, you just look at it, you know its playing. I don’t know. Its just amazing… I have a funny story about this song. I think it was only a few years ago that I heard it for the ‘first’ time. I think I was playing around on spotify and I started listening to the greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac and I heard this song, and I was like, ‘I know this song, I’ve never heard it before but I feel like I have’. It was just I had this weird feeling of this giant, what do you call it? Dejavu. So I asked my mother, I was like ‘what is this song really? because I feel like I know it.’ And she was like ‘oh I know why. Because when I was pregnant with you it was the biggest hit in the Netherlands.’ And she would ride around in the car and she would bounce to the rhythm with me in her belly and I swear to God that I felt it. I know for sure. And so I feel like I know this song from a past life.”

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“I like when you only see the essentials, so things I use daily or things that are essential to me to, I don’t know, give me some kind of comfort. For example the poems on the wall, they really are – they give me a sense of peace because I see them every day. Its not like I read them all the time but words make me calm so thats why I have them around… I need things clean and organised because my mind is always full and so if the space around me is clear, I can think better. Thats why my room is important to me. If I need some mind peace I can just come here.”

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“What I dislike is definitely how little space I have. I mean its really tiny, but what I like is how much I can cram in here. I pretty much just dump everything on my walls… Usually I’m a hoarder, I’ll hoard stuff until my room is too full and then I have to just throw things away. Its like, ‘ok, yeah I can’t even function in here anymore’”

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“I like my bed because I’m a very lazy person. And I love that everything is kind of in reach. I’ve got my window here, my ashtray, this thing to put glasses or food on. Got my remote control for the tv and its just very comfortable… I have a couch but I never sit on there. I chill in my bed, I smoke in my bed, I eat in my bed, drink in my bed, sleep in my bed. I’m just always in my bed I guess.”

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“When I moved here I thought that living in a studio would be cramped but it’s not. One person doesn’t actually need all that much. I’m small, my place is small, I think it works.”

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“So what I love and hate about my space is this mirror… When I feel good I love looking at myself but when I’m feeling not so good I just don’t want to be confronted with myself like that all the time… But I can’t really not look at myself because it covers almost the entire wall. So sometimes I just open the doors not to see my own reflection…”

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“After high-school I really wanted to move out of Germany. I actually chose Amsterdam before I decided on what the study program I wanted. I was just so confused at what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to go.”

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“I got introduced to Tolkien Through my older sister because she is the OG Tolkien geek. She used to read them to me before I could read myself so I just remember hearing the stories. When I look at my books and think about those stories they just bring me back to childhood and my family.”

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“When I go to museums or cool places I like to buy cards to bring home. I also send postcards when I’m traveling. I send them to myself so when I get home I have a little short diary waiting for me. I really like New York, I like Prague, I like London. I sent a postcard to myself when I was there on the 23rd of October and then I got the card like a month later. It got lost somewhere. I’m happy it still arrived though. I have so many cards now, I don’t know where to put them all.”

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