Based in Amsterdam, Pisswife’s activism wishes to speak to people all over the world while still remaining in touch with our roots in the Netherlands. This is why every month, we’ll present to you an agenda of interesting readings, protests, lectures or exhibitions in this country that pisswife will attend or that could be of interest to our readers. This month, these are our suggestions:

8th of March – Feminism and Poetry

If you are a poetry fan and a feminist, this is the event for you! At 6:30 doors open at De Verrekijker for an open mic poetry event. Celebrate International Women’s Day with like-minded creatives and dance to forget the patriarchy for a night.

8th of March – Dipsaus x Mama Cash Feminist Festival

If you can’t make it to De Verrekijker on International Women’s Day, try heading over to the much anticipated Feminist Festival hosted by Mama Cash and Dipsaus. Here they offer you an opportunity to participate in the Dipsaus podcast! The topic of the night will be; sex. Everything from how female sexuality is viewed and exploited, to what the #MeToo movement means for women, will be discussed. The venue of the festival is TrivoliVrendenburg in Utrecht.

12th of March – (DUTCH) Verkiezingsdebat Emancipatie: De Toekomst van Amsterdam

The evening will be dedicated to a debate with female candidate councilors about the future of Amsterdam. The event, organized by Stem Organization and hosted in SPUI25, will give these female candidates to explain and defend their plans for the city ahead of the March 21 municipal elections. The theme of the debate is ‘emancipation,’ where intersectional feminist agendas will be analyzed and challenged. Get your tickets here.

14th of March – Feminist Club Amsterdam presents: an evening with Sophie Labelle

French-Canadian artist and activist is on tour and will be stopping by our beloved Amsterdam! The Feminist Club Amsterdam and Mama Cash will be hosting the event where Sophie Labelle will be interviewed about her important comic series ‘Assigned Male Comics’. There will be a Q&A session followed by some book signings. Sophie will also launch her new comic book ‘Serious Trans Vibes’. You can reserve your tickets here, and pay in cash only at the door.

17th of March – What ISH Gender?

A night of vogue-dancing, music, art, clubbing and coming together to stick up a big middle finger to gender labeling. Additionally, the program also contains spoken word and a debate. The entrance fee is 11 euros, for students.

18th of March – And when we hear the waves

“A collective exercise in recognition, empathy and solidarity.” For women and femmes, with fantastic artists like Maan Jitski who also performed at the PISSWIFE launch party! The venue is wheelchair accessible. There will be a dance workshop, music and experimental performances. Entrance is 5 euros.

23rd of March – (DUTCH) Leesgroep Nigeria en Filosofie

If you can’t make it to this month’s reading group, don’t worry because it will reoccur almost every month this year. This month, it will take place at the Vrije Universiteit from 14:00 to 16:00. Hosted by the Society for Women in Philosophy – NL, this event aims will feature talks by prominent Nigerian philosophers who talk about ‘Western thinking’ in comparison to their own thinking. These women are Sophie Oluwole, Nkiru Uwechia Nzegwu and Oyeronke Oyewum. The reading group seems to be free of charge to join, so you can sign up at: For the reading guide, please consult the SWIP-NL website.

19th of March – Rock the Vote w/ Greg Shapiro ~ Pre-Election Party

This event is hosted by the GroenLinks at De Marktkantine. It is geared towards international people living in Amsterdam to come and meet with local politicians and learn about what their plans for their city. The entrance is free and open to everyone! There will be a set program of presentations and brief introductions by leading politicians of different parties in Amsterdam. Plus, there will be a party afterwards!

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