Pisswife, to me, is a rollercoaster ride
one day I feel nothing but empowerment
lust to fight
to talk, discuss, scream about how unfair
how wrong
how fucked up
want to say there is no blue and pink
there is a fucking rainbow
want to say there is no black and white
no fifty shades of grey
no palette to obey
there’s a spectrum out there
a place for every single they
for the she’s, for the he’s
for the whomever inbetweens and outsides and withins
for all of us to be
whomever and however we want

*DISCLAIMER: some of the above only, only, ONLY with consent*

One day I feel nothing but empowerment
the next I feel scared

Scared I do it wrong
scared I do it right
scared I don’t know
too scared to even fucking fight

But then I look at my wives
see who we are
imagine who we can be
who is with us and
who is yet to join

For them I tell you this:

Flaunt your feminininity
gasconade your masculinity
but don’t be surprised if you
don’t know which is where or what or
how at once a woman can
how a man
how a life
always wife(d)
will break the rings, twofold the two
quadruple and mumble
glitter combat your ensemble
pink your oxfords, black your lipstick
bare your chest and bear those glares
flat or curvage
born or bourne
loved or learned
let ‘em all fucking burn


This poem was written by Helen Weeres. She also performed this piece at the PISSWIFE launch party a few weeks ago. Footage from that party can be found in our beautiful aftermovie! Enjoy:

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