Tomorrow is the day we get to vote for the municipal elections. Obviously, your political vote is yours alone and you can vote whoever you want into the local councils. PISSWIFE does have a few suggestions though: These three movements really deserve and need your support tomorrow.

Stem op een vrouw (Vote for a woman)

In this situation it is most useful to vote for number 6 or 7 on the list.

This initiative was started by Devika Partiman because of the low percentage of female council members. Only 28% of all participants in municipal councils are women. Partiman wants to make sure that there is enough female representation in politics. If you want to participate in this movement, make sure to vote for a woman that is placed a little lower on the list. Check the polls and vote for the woman that is just below the amount of seats the poll shows you, this way you have a better chance at voting a woman into the councils rather than voting for a woman who was going to be in the council anyway.


Transgenderinfo.nl has started #TransVote, a movement dedicated to getting more representation for transgender people in politics. Founder of the movement Sophie Schers (GroenLinks) is eligible for the municipal elections in Utrecht. In Amsterdam you could vote Ana Paula Lima from BIJ1 into the councils. For a full list of every aspiring trans councillor in various places in the Netherlands, check the Transgender Info website. On their YouTube account you can find short introductory videos in which the politicians explain who they are, why they are running for municipal councillor and why you should vote for them!


BlackVoteNL + De Zwarte Kieswijzer

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.37.29 AM
Olave Basabose’s profiel op De Zwarte Kieswijzer website.

This is a movement that draws attention to the lack of black politicians in the Dutch political environment. 10% of all citizens in the Netherlands are black, however only 3% of all eligible politicians are black. The organization behind De Zwarte Kieswijzer does not only want more representation for African and Afro-Caribean people in politics, they also made a list of points approached specifically from the perspective of black Dutch people that could contribute to the position of this minority group. Their very informative website also contains a list of black candidates you can vote for, along with a line on what their main focus point is and how likely it is that they actually get elected. Support your local black politicians and check who to vote for on their website.

These three movements, all very important in today’s political environment, are definitely something to keep in mind when making your decision tomorrow. The representation of minority groups and their interests is essential when striving to be an ethical and well-functioning society. Choose wisely tomorrow!

Drawing: Saïda Ragas
Text: Tessel ten Zweege

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