A letter to the fashion brand ‘& Other stories’, asking when the story about bigger breasts starts. 

Dear & Other stories,

I would like to start this letter by saying: congratulations.

You are doing a good job. You have found your way into my heart. I love your style. You spotted the gap between cheap, low-quality clothing and high-fashion that no student can ever afford-brands, and filled it with your soft fabrics, good quality and elegant silhouettes.

 You are part of the big H&M family, and were founded in 2013. Since then, you accomplished to own 60 stores worldwide, and the one that I go to, in Amsterdam, is always packed. On top of that you aim to reduce the environmental footprint by monitoring in-store recycling programs and by regarding climate change in your manufacturing process. I’d call that pretty impressive.

All around Amsterdam I can find your lingerie-line ‘& Other Stories’, and every time I see those bodies and bras and what more, I find myself touching them and checking the price tags because I’m eager to buy. Again, you are producing something unique here: comfortable bras that don’t leave marks, feel soft on your skin, and, (debatably equally important): it looks so pretty. You treat lingerie as an accessory, a part of your outfit to show confidently to the world. You offer sets that go great together, but look even better when you mix & match because they all seem to have an overlapping theme of striking colors and eye for detail. I like that.

 What I’m less enthusiastic about is this: my reflection of the mirror in a fitting room looking not comfortable nor confident, because every bra of yours is too small. Is it me? Or is it you?

I did some research, and I have to conclude that it’s you. The average breast size in the Netherlands is a D-cup, but the biggest size your bras go to is C. Why? Why would you do that?

This is not a new issue, a lot of mainstream clothing brands such a Monki or Topshop (they go up to D though), don’t offer bra sizes for bustier people because it’s not their area of expertise, so for those you turn to an actual lingerie store. But the problem is that I can’t find bras like the ones you offer in lingerie stores. Bralettes with glitters and funky colors, lace bras with so little wires and so many bows.

On your website it reads in your intro that you offer “Lingerie for every woman.”  This strikes me:  your definition of every woman would be all people, except the ones with an average breast size? Never even mind the fact that not all people with breasts answer to the term ‘women’. Why wouldn’t you produce bras in a size that so many of us Dutchies with breasts need? I guess I could take a different approach and write a letter to Primadonna or Hunkemöller, wherein I would ask them to turn to your website for inspiration, so they’d change their wireless bra-line. However, I would much more appreciate for you to take a step forward and live up to your promise.

By producing bras for all boobies, so that everyone can feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie.

With kind regards,

A Dutchie with an average breast size.


Text by Misha Ragas
Illustration by Saïda RagasIMG_9861

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