In a city like Amsterdam, it should be pretty easy to find nice places for lunch. But I’ve noticed that many people don’t know where to go at all. For me, it’s the other way around. My list is so long, and gets longer every week. I have no clue where to start, or where to go next since there are too many hotspots in this city. For every hotspot that I cross of my list, a few new ones are added. And yes, I just love making lists and especially this one with great food hotspots for lunch in Amsterdam.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites on the Pisswife website. So now you all don’t have to look any further. Just have a look at this list, pick a place and enjoy your lunch in Amsterdam.

lunch in amsterdam boxsociaal

1. Box Sociaal -> This is probably the newest hotspot of them all. It opened in the beginning of March. The menu is so so good. They have lots of different dishes, like a stroopwafel waffle (which I want to try soon because I love anything sweet) but also a flatbread with hummus, nuts and veggies.
2. The Breakfast Club -> They have multiple locations throughout the city, so there’s probably one near you no matter where you are. A personal favorite of mine are their matcha pancakes. Again, sweet. But delicious!
3. Toastable -> Fellow Pisswife Saïda and I had lunch at Toastable a little while ago. They serve toasts (what a surprise!). Order a fresh juice with it and enjoy! There are vegan options as well.
4. Benji’s -> Benji’s is also featured in the hotspot list in the zine, but deserves to be mentioned on the website too. The interior is simply amazing, and so is the food they have. From healthy bowls to delicious cakes. Also a nice spot to get shit done.
5. Mr. & Mrs. Watson -> In the East of Amsterdam, you’ll find Mr. & Mrs. Watson. It’s a cute spot with plant-based dishes. Open for lunch and dinner. The perfect place for food lovers and cheese addicts.
6. De Drie Graefjes -> Are you a cake addict? Then you have to visit this place. Carrot cake, red velvet.. it’s hard to pick just one. Not craving anything sweet? They also have a great lunch menu with sandwiches and more!
7. Pllek -> Take the ferry to the NDSM and have lunch at Pllek! It has a beautiful location next to the water and during the summer they create a beach like vibe there! So let’s hope there will be more sunny days soon, so we can chill at Pllek and enjoy a good lunch there!

Enjoy your lunch in Amsterdam, and feel free to share you favorite hotspots in a comment!

Text: Janne Biersma


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