Our plan for PISSFEST is to create both an amazing day program as well as night program. Since our launch party was such a success, we wanted to push our second event even further and so PISSFEST will be a full day zine fair and party lasting from 15:00 – 03:00.

Poster design by Paige

During the day we will have:

Zine, merch and art stalls, crafting tables, a vegan bake sale, a zine making workshop, a BBQ outside (vegetarian and vegan), music & beers.

In the evening/ night we will have:

An open mic for poets, writers and musicians, performance poets we love, a great line up of DJs and lots of dancing and drinking.

There will really be no better way to spend this chill summer Friday so put it in your calendar and be sure to come along.

Being a part of the zine making community here in Amsterdam has really been important to us so we wanted to use this event to encourage more people to make zines as well as make connections with zinemakers we didn’t already know. Here is an introduction to some of the gr8 zinemakers, artists and zines you’ll be able to find at our zine fair, however there will be more zinemakers present than the ones listed below.

Jolien Licorne (Jo-Li)


“Sensitive artist playing with all types of mediums but mostly: performance, visual poetry, photography and installations/sculptures. New to the zine scene but loving it. Find me being a sentient potato on instagram @giantgrannypanties

Oh yeah, Incase someone would relate because I know being able to relate is great: I’m trans, gay, and my brain is not neurotypical.

FYI I’m making a zine that will be the follow up to one I’m selling at pissfest and I’m looking for submissions. So if you’ve ever been in love or had a crush and want to be in my next zine (can be anon) come talk to me!



RaeZor Beam

Colorful Tracing

Rae Parnell (aka RaeZor Beam) is a researcher, writer, and educator based in the Hague, NL. They do healing work and community building through workshop facilitation and use the process of zine-making to archive queer and trans communities of color. Their past projects have focused on a range of topics, including anti-racist organizing, queer and trans knowledge distribution, and healing justice and disability justice. Follow their projects at raezorbeamdreams.tumblr.com.



“I am Charly and my art gets inspired by nature, queer culture and my immediate surroundings. I like to dig deep into things and show my reality to others. My zines are about being transgender, beings a survivor, and self care. Some of my stuff is more leaning on BDSM culture, other stuff is cute/flowery stuff. I am looking forward to be with the lovely pisswives.”


image1 (1)

tr0pisms, a.k.a. Kendal Beynon, is a graphic designer who works primarily in print. She likes to shine the spotlight on the mundane aspects of life and uses observations from the struggles she encounters as a tiny girl living with anxiety in the city. Her zines are playful, colourful and fiercely real and use humour as a coping mechanism to deal with the absurdities of our world.

Lotte de Schouwer (Stuff Your Face Studio)


“I fell in love with pins because they are just tiny affordable pieces of art (as long as you buy from independent designers of course!) that can spark a conversation when you wear them. When I understood the power of the pin as a communication tool, I started making stuff about the things I am most passionate about myself: mental health, sexuality and body positivity. There is still so much taboo around how we feel, what we feel and just in general the parts of our body and mind that don’t seem to fit society’s idea of a fit and happy and independent and thriving human being. So I just like to make stuff that questions those ideals, or that celebrates the body and sexuality in all its shapes and forms.”

Manon Bachelier (The Inflammatory Choir)

Sally Evans in The Anti-Logos Weapon, 2011

“I’m a graduating student of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Graphic Design department. After having studied fashion design in Paris, I came to the fashion department in Rietveld, then quickly realized I was more keen on exploring language and visuals. I wrote a thesis this year about the need for feminism within the graphic design practice, and how this might be facilitated through the uses of fiction. I now prepare my graduation project, ‘The Inflammatory Choir’, which expands from the thesis, into the shape of a paper and online zine. I think the idea is to gather different voices and strategies of how to execute one’s practice while feeling politically in phase with it. It is a collection of texts, interviews, images, brought in by the different contributors and myself. The different issues refer to the theme of fluids, as whole project started with the following quote: “We as women need to reclaim the positive value of the fluid, not as the opposite of the solid/masculine but as something that can fill the spaces between the binary terms and join them into what Cixous has termed ‘a moving, limitlessly changing ensemble’, or what Deleuze and Guattari describe as an ‘assemblage’”.”



“(f)empower is an intersectional feminist zine created by three killjoys currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands. Our first zine began as a project for university, but the project has since grown into a zine collective. After finding common ground in our experiences of sex, sexuality, and sexual violence, we set out with the objective of connecting so-called “micro-aggressions” (including but not limited to: catcalling, gaslighting, and sexual objectification on online dating platforms) to a larger endemic culture of violence against women. Our hope was twofold: that the zine would be used not only as a tool for working through trauma, but as a tool for mobilising collectively against injustices and daily indignities. As a collective, we see zines as a way of mobilising storytelling for social change. (f)empower zines are critical, intersectional, inclusive, and unapologetically feminist. Each zine has a different theme, but each zine is always a collection of women’s stories. We​ ​use​ ​an​ ​inclusive​ ​definition​ ​of​ ​“woman” and​ ​“femme”​ ​and​ ​we​ ​welcome​ contributions from ​trans​ ​women,​ ​genderqueer​ ​women,​ ​femme,​ ​and​ ​non-binary​ ​folks​.”

SAUCE Magazine



“SAUCE is a fashion magazine, born and raised at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, functioning as an outlet for projects made by current students.
SAUCE Magazine Issue 1: The Zoo came out last March. With explosive content that combines editorial with illustration, collage and animation, SAUCE has established itself as a new platform for collaborations between departments, although its roots have been established in fashion.
Follow us on instagram @sauce_magazine 

Sara Rosa Espi

111Sara Rosa Espi_3462x2311_1766665.jpg

“Sara Rosa Espi is a recovering academic, queer parent, zine writer and performer.
Her zines Curiosity Killed the Cat But it Saved My Bacon, Burnout, 5000 Cans of Spam and Platonic Love Stories are about neurodivergence, food, love and friendship.”


Among these zinemakers and artists there will also be many others so do come along and check them out! You can find the Instagram pages of all the zine makers below along side the aftermovie of our last PISSWIFE event! We look forward to seeing you all soon.









SAUCE Magazine


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