A zine fair by day, a party by night: Pissfest 2018 is almost here!

Between 3 pm and 3 am you can enjoy a zine fair, zine workshops, guest lectures, poetry, open mic, a veggie BBQ and some danceable DJ sets to end the night. We are so excited about the artists and zine makers that are coming, and are sure you will be too!

In case you missed it, check out this previous article in which we introduce the first half of the organisations and creators that will join us. And without further ado: here’s part two!

K.A.K. Magazine


K.A.K. Magazine is the magazine for outsiders and people who think it can be done differently. In K.A.K. you will find unstructured cut-and-paste work, inflammatory texts, adventure stories and important messages from our corporate partners. All of this is made by the three sporadic teenagers: Jip, Anouk and Buster. These three youngsters are not your average teenagers – they are a lot more chaotic and much more concerned with what they want.

GLOW by Isabelle

Power to the period - cover

Isabelle Zumbrink (1979) is a Dutch collagist, portrait photographer, art teacher and feminist. In her art label’ Glow by Isabelle’ she portrays the daily struggle, contradictions, celebrating and beauty of being a woman. Her work is about femininity, beauty, sexuality, motherhood and loving your awesome self!

DIY Soap


DIY Soap makes it possible to create your own natural and organic skin care products either at home, in their store in Amsterdam, or in this case: during Pissfest 2018! The advantage of “do it yourself” (DIY) cosmetics is that your products are always fresh and you know exactly what’s in them. All products are handmade by people with special needs in social daycare, and the packaging is sustainable and easy to reuse.

Paper Jam

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 13.12.10

Paper Jam is a radical Amsterdam-based printing collective that will print all your revolutionary shit for illegally cheap prices.

Paper Jam prints flyers, posters, zines. We make buttons, flags, buttons and distribute stickers. We do all of this on danation for activists, revolutionaires, social centres and everybody in the struggle. We are actively looking for and trying out new things to print, to make; anything that will be beneficial to the fight against the white supremacist cis-hetero-patriarchical ableist ecocidal capitalist global empire can be of interest to us. At the moment we are also actively looking for people that want to start their own distro, to help them set it up and provide them with everything they want to distribute. Help us out, let us help you out, look us up!

Find them online:

K.A.K. Magazine

GLOW by Isabelle

DIY Soap

Paper Jam

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