Based in Amsterdam, PISSWIFE’s activism wishes to speak to feminists all over the world, however still remaining in touch with our roots in the Netherlands. This is why every month, we’ll present to you an agenda of interesting readings, protests, lectures or exhibitions in this country that PISSWIFE will attend or that could be of interest to our readers. This month, these are our suggestions:

5th of July – (DUTCH) Conferentie Sekswerk en Geweld

This conference at de Boelelaan will revolve around research that has been done over the last few years, regarding sex work and violence. Based on the findings of the researchers there will be a discussion about what to do with these findings, involving politicians, sex workers, police people, sex worker organizations and other stakeholders. To be present at this event you have to register. The event is hosted by PROUD and Soa Aids Nederland.

8th of July – (DUTCH) Ontwikkel een “just do it” mentaliteit voor je business

On Sunday, the ever-inspiring ladies of the Creative Women Collective are organizing a workshop for women in business. In their fresh space at Amsterdam Central Station, Creative Women Collective is going to be hosting workshops every Sunday. This Sunday the first workshop will take place: Business consultant and retail concept director Shenin Lebrun will give you some tips and tricks on how to start a successful business. You can buy a ticket through their Facebook event.


12th of July – Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide book at The Black Archives

Jennifer Tosch, the inspiring woman we met during the Black Heritage Tour, has co-created a second version of the Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide book. On Thursday the 12th of July all writers will present this new version, the second print, at the Black Archives in Amsterdam. This significant book points out over a hundred locations in Amsterdam in which we can still find traces of slavery and black heritage. It tells the stories that are usually left out or concealed in Dutch accounts of history. The book costs 15 euro’s and more information about the event can be found on Facebook.

21st of July & onwards – Sex Worker’s Opera

In the end of July, a series of opera performances is planned. The Sex Worker’s Opera is playing in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam on 11 different days. The show promises to be remarkable: “Whether you want to save us, judge us, lust for us or empathise, come down to Compagnietheater for a night of opera to hip-hopera, contemporary dance to pole dance, where Sex Workers take back the stage to tell our own stories in our own words.” The show is 16+.

28th of July – Walk Proud, Talk Proud at De School

As Amsterdam Pride 2018 officially kicks off, our wife Helen’s favorite nightclub De School has organized an event to celebrate love in style. Walk Proud, Talk Proud is as informative as it is entertaining. “On Saturday the 28th of July, De School and Stichting Sexmatters will organize a march towards the departure point of the official Pride Walk 2018. Everyone’s invited to join, march and dance along as Sandrien & Carlos Valdes will lead the way on a riding DJ-booth. Subsequently, we’ll march back to De School for drinks and a barbecue. Later on there will be Talk Proud discussion panels on this year’s theme – ‘Safer Clubbing’.”

Text: Tessel ten Zweege
Image: Saïda Ragas

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