On June 17th, PISSWIFE attended the zine fair at Perdu, Amsterdam. We spoke to some lovely fellow zinemakers and other attendees; one of which told us to check out a cool artist on Instagram. Inspired by this person we decided to compile a list of follow-worthy Instagram accounts, besides the @pisswife Instagram of course. A good feed is a balanced combination of memes, art and feminism. Therefore, the following accounts are absolute essentials for your day to day scrollings:

Jacqueline Frances, better known as Jacqthestripper, is – surprise surprise – a stripper. She’s an advocate for sex worker’s rights and she draws amazing comics that portray situations she has found herself in, usually involving someone disrespecting her job. Jacq has also written a few books, “How Not To Be a Dick in a Strip Club” being one of them: A useful guide for people who do not respect sex workers but interestingly still attend strip clubs. On her instagram she posts artworks she made, personal photo’s and comics that are both entertaining and educational. “In stripping you’ve got a really short amount of time to distill what you’re trying to sell because time is money. Making comics is the same thing: It’s how to sell, how to make someone laugh, and how to do it in a really short amount of time.”

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Happy Father’s Day (from #striptastic)

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Awards For Good Boys
This account is probably my favorite. Almost every single post is something I recognize from my own encounters with men: Sometimes the posts are very specific and it’s actually a bit scary. The account was made by Shelby Lorman who is based in New York. She made the account as a critical yet hilarious response to the historically low bar men set for themselves. Examples of men demanding praise for doing the bare minimum range from Matt Damon wanting a pat on the back for not raping anyone, to Kevin Spacey excusing his own predatory and abusive behavior by coming out of the closet. In an interview with VICE, Lorman said: “People are so quick to praise men for avoiding vehemently bad behavior, whilst holding women to a million standards they’ll never meet.” I refer to this Instagram page so much that my friend group has adopted the term “good boy” and we love to call good boys out on a day to day basis.


Memes for Slutz
This Instagram account is a meme account with memes that are not necessarily political, yet they do cater to your feminist niche meme needs. This memers target audience is sexually liberated individuals. Their content is very #relatable and I’m sure the posts get sent in various group chats. Sometimes they make subtle references to emo music, which speaks to me on a personal level. I’m not sure who is behind the account, it’s only clear that the person who runs @MemesForSlutz used to go by the Instagram handle @Bagelmemez and then changed it up a bit and went for a saucier name.

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If you know of any other Instagram accounts that are absolutely essential in any feminists timeline, please leave a comment!

Text: Tessel ten Zweege
Image: Saïda Ragas

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