Based in Amsterdam, PISSWIFE’s activism wishes to speak to feminists all over the world, however still remaining in touch with our roots in the Netherlands. This is why every month, we’ll present to you an agenda of interesting readings, protests, lectures or exhibitions in this country that PISSWIFE will attend or that could be of interest to our readers. This month, these are our suggestions:

1st of November – (DUTCH) Beeldvorming over vrouwen
This event that will be held in Utrecht, touches on the subject of online shaming with a feminist angle. Speakers include Willemijn Krebbekx, a researcher that inspired me to write this article, and Nikki Lee who is a victim of revenge porn. “Online, sexual harassment is increasing and it has many shapes. One in six Dutch women is confronted with inappropriate sexual messages on social media in her life. International research shows that women experience this worldwide three times as often as men.” This event will shine a light on online harassment, and you can sign up by emailing to

2nd of November – X3: The Horror of The Flying Dutchman
Our friends over at X3 are hosting another party! X3 is Amsterdam’s first inclusive safe(r) space party. Focusing mainly on Womxn & LGBTQ+ POC. This edition will be a costume party and entrance at the door will cost you 13 euro. “If you’re queer/poc/trans/refugee and can’t afford to buy a ticket you can message our X3 page for guest list.”

3rd of November – Geen Mens is Illegaal
This event is a national protest called ‘Geen Mens is Illegaal’, meaning ‘No Human is Illegal’. The protest is hosted by AFA (Anti-Fascistische Actie), and they released the following statement: “With this demonstration we want to make a strong signal with as many people as possible, against the migration policy and ‘fortress Europe’ that has closed its borders for refugees and migrants.” This event will take place in The Hague, on the Rabbijn Maarsenplein. Let’s express our solidarity with refugees and migrants and take a stand against racism and exclusion.

6th of November – Uitkijk Specials: Revolt!
Our favorite cinema in Amsterdam has a special theme in the months of October and November. This time, their theme is: “Revolt!” On November 6th, De Uitkijk will screen Malcolm X. “With the images of the Rodney King video on the credits and the epilogue in which Nelson Mandela addresses a school class, Lee wants to show Malcolm X’s message to a new generation. “By honoring him, we honor ourselves,” is stated in the film.” More info can be found on De Uitkijk’s website.

17th of November – Kom lokaal in actie tegen zwarte piet
The activist group Kick Out Zwarte Piet calls for action on the november day. “Time and time again, the sound of the peaceful protest of the anti-racism movement is silenced. A 70 people were arrested in Gouda in 2014, a 200 in Rotterdam in 2017, and in 2017 the basic right to freedom of expression and demonstration was taken away when the highway was blocked near Dokkum. Demonstration bans and emergency orders that later turn out to be invalid, strike protesters, and buses with anti-racists save access to areas. We now have many examples. That is why we call on everyone to organize local campaigns this year!”

17th of November – (DUTCH) Woman Empowerment Bootcamp
Yongsters, the youth department of Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam, is organizing a bootcamp for young women who are interested in social work. The event will take place in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam and the bootcamp involves training from Stefan Allers. Email pr@yongsters if you want to join! It’s free.

Text: Tessel ten Zweege
Image: Saïda Ragas

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