Based in Amsterdam, PISSWIFE’s activism wishes to speak to feminists all over the world, however still remaining in touch with our roots in the Netherlands. This is why every month, we’ll present to you an agenda of interesting readings, protests, lectures or exhibitions in this country that PISSWIFE will attend or that could be of interest to our readers. This month, these are our suggestions:

2nd of December – Jiro’s trans/gender/queer illustrations
Our fellow feminist zine friend Jiro is hosting this illustrations event at De Peper tomorrow! Jiro describes himself as an unsuccessful artist who draws comics in a dark statement, but PISSWIFE would say Jiro’s work is definitely worth checking. To catch a glimpse of what Jiro has made so far, you can take a look at this Facebook page, called The Bosoms. “We are The Bosoms, totally random comics featuring a transman’s bust.” Check out the event right here.

5th of December – International Queer & Migrant Film Festival 2018
This event wants to highlight Queer & Migrant folks and their appearance and contributions to the big screen. “Break out of the mainstream and widen your (queer) view of the world. IGMF screens internationally acclaimed films on queer and migrant related topics. With various debates, exhibitions, panel talks, masterclasses and parties.” Keep checking the website to be up to date on the specifics of this event.

10th of December – Who’s Right Festival
This event, hosted by Who’s Right, Tertium, World-Talks and Podium Moziek, is celebrating the international day of human rights. One of the activities the festival offers is a speed-dating session with fellow activists! Some people that will be present include Jerry King Luther Afriyie, Sabine de Jong and Milou Deelen. How exciting! The event starts at 18:00 and ends at 23:00. You can get tickets until the 23rd of December.

12th of December – Spoons! Amsterdam
Spoons is a peer support group, who initiated this event because: “While society is becoming more and more stressful, mental health remains a taboo.” Therefore, Spoons is hosting a grassroots peers support group and learning space for emotional health! The event takes place in Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43 in Amsterdam. It starts at 19:00 and ends at 21:00. If you have any questions, you can send an email to

Text: Tessel ten Zweege
Image: Saïda Ragas

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