We are introducing a new segment in which a few wives will share what they are loving each month; from novels to documentaries to food to magazine articles and more. Our monthly recommendations from us to you!

Nathalie: I’ve recently discovered the brand Ekopura and have been using their Vegan Vanilla protein powder everyday for a few weeks now. It’s amazing because it’s 100% natural but not disgusting (that’s really hard to come across, believe me). I mix it with my oats in the morning and add honey, fruit and peanut butter :) super cozy and yummy. Also – I’m reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, a book I highly recommend if you’re into spiritual literature. I suggest you enjoy The Power of Now first, though!

Ibe: This month I read and enjoyed Ottessa Moshfegh’s most recent novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation. This book recounts a year in the life of the unnamed narrator, living in the glittering New York City of the very early 2000s, which she spends in a permanent state of sleep and hibernation. As the back of the book states so accurately; ‘This story of a year spent under the influence of a mad combination of drugs designed to heal us from our alienation from this world, shows us how reasonable, even necessary, that alienation sometimes is’. Next, to all of this, Moshfegh has also managed to conceive one of the most complex and interesting protagonists in recent literary history, making My Year of Rest and Relaxation a truly intriguing read.


Robin: The show Nanette by Hannah Gadsby is much more than you expect from stand-up comedy. The Tasmanian comedian starts with jokes one often expects from comedians: blunt self-deprecating punchline after punchline, emphasizing her ‘otherness’ for a predominantly heteronormative audience looking for a good laugh. But about halfway through her show she deliberately stops being funny. She states that she would like to quit comedy altogether, for she is done with self-deprecation. According to Gadsby, for someone who already exists in the margins, self-deprecation becomes humiliation. Gadsby manages to deliver her message without pointing a finger at the audience who are ‘simply’ looking for a good laugh, but you cannot help but reflect upon yourself and the border of humor and pain. (Nanette can be streamed on Netflix)

Janne: A little while ago, Sabine and I visited H/eart.h. This place is located at the Albert Cuyp and offers food, art, and more. The food they serve is vegetarian/vegan. I tried the Falafel Waffle and a Goji-Strawberry lassi. Both tasty, and it seemed very fresh as well. If you’re planning on visiting H/eart.h, I recommend ordering the tiramisu as well. They have vegetarian ones, but also vegan options!

Tessel: As always, I was very late to the party when it comes to discovering the joy of listening to podcasts. Cruising through Joshua Tree Park this summer, I spent the majority of my time in the car listening to Call Your Girlfriend. The podcast is hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, two long-distance best friends who call each other each week to discuss a variety of topics, ranging from friendship dilemmas and internet outrage to white fragility and hard-core politics. Call Your Girlfriend perfectly shows how politics and power structures are felt in real-life connections with other people. Another podcast I listen to is the Creative Women Collective podcast hosted by Awura Abena.

Anael: Entertainment wise, I’ve binged The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, it has a healthy dose of feminism (although perhaps at times might try too hard). Witches have always been a symbol of female empowerment and the resistance, so I’m curious to how they portray this concept. So far, it’s definitely watchable!

Image: Ibe Rossel

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