Based in Amsterdam, PISSWIFE’s activism wishes to speak to feminists all over the world, however still remaining in touch with our roots in the Netherlands. This is why every month, we’ll present to you an agenda of interesting readings, protests, lectures or exhibitions in this country that PISSWIFE will attend or that could be of interest to our readers. This month, these are our suggestions:


At the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam there is a series of events called Stedelijk Statements, which allows scholars and cultural entrepeneurs a free space to make a statement. This edition of Stedelijk Statements entails the launch of QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO, a project by Aynouk Tan and Carly Rose Bedford. The project explores the notion of queer in a way that accentuates the positive and proud dimensions of queerness. “QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO is a website and a series of live events in which queer artists, queer scholars, queer activists and a multitude of other queer voices present what queer means to them. By creating such a platform QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO wants to not only problematize prevailing and reductive ways of describing a body (male, female, gay, straight etc.), but mostly invent new, more nuanced and inclusive ways of being and becoming.” For more information and to get tickets, you can go tot the website of the Stedelijk Museum.

2nd of February – La Fête de la Femme

This event is hosted by Huis van Iemand Anders, a nice venue at the van Woustraat in Amsterdam. The organizers are Anna Belderink and Emma de Smit, who combined their entrepreneurial passion with their love for a good party to create La Fête de Femme. A party celebrating femmes. You can get a full meal for 20 euros and sign up for the event by emailing lafetedelafemme@outlook.com. At around 22:00 there will be a dance party, which is completely free of charge.

8th of February – Opening Curated by Girls: New Femininity #3

“Curated by GIRLS is coming to Amsterdam, for the very first time! This Berlin-based art platform, driven by a strong mission of diversity and equality, teamed up with Melkweg Expo. Together they celebrate femininity in all its shapes and sizes!” Not only does this event present countless femme artists to you, your favorite PISSWIVES will also be tabling at this event. Come say hi! The expo opening will take place at 17:30 at the Melkweg Expo venue.

22th – 24th of February – 2.Dh5 Festival

Activism-festival 2.Dh5 is happening again! From the 22th until the 24th of February, OT301 will be filled with grassroots activism and inspiring speeches. Last year PISSWIFE attended with a stand and this year we will too! The theme of this years edition is ‘Power’. “Are you interested in feminism, queer, anti-racism, anti-fascism, decolonisation, anti-militarism, international solidarity, climate/ecology, labour & class struggles, migration/no-border, internet freedom/privacy, right to the city/gentrification and all their intersections?”

Text: Tessel ten Zweege
Image: Saïda Ragas

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