Every four weeks a few of the wives share what they are loving at the moment; from novels to documentaries to food to magazine articles and more. Our monthly recommendations from us to you!

Ibe: I have been harassing everyone around me this month, and well I guess this is the next platform I will (mis)use to spread the message: please go and watch HBO’s adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend. The plot, the setting, the acting, the characters, the clothing, the music, the Neapolitan language, all of it is so -yes, in capslock- GOOD. This month I also enjoyed James Blake’s beautiful new album Assume Form and Sally Rooney’s latest novel Normal People.

Anael: I highly recommend Netflix’s Latin History for Morons by John Leguizamo. In this one-man show, Leguizamo outlines the 500-year-old tragedy that is Latin American history. It is a comfort to those who are sick of seeing the culture and history of this region being pushed into the background and whitewashed. In connection to this, I have also been enjoying the nonfiction book The Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano, a controversial book that explains how colonialism shaped the region to how it is today (this book was first published in 1971 so some things might be outdated). Lastly and on a different note, I have been enjoying The Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart, an anthology of poetry but consisting of prescriptions for every condition (e.g loss of motivation, regret, etc). It is a wonderful read for those who never got into poetry but are curious to start somewhere.  

Nathalie: I’d like to recommend two books I read in January. Both are great, calming pre-bed reads. De Markiezin (1988) by the Dutch writer Charlotte Mutsaers stimulates your imagination and temporarily lifts you out of reality with its original short entries. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down (2012) by Haemin Sunim has a more grounding effect, giving you short bits of advice on how to be more mindful and content in different areas of your life. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it because the texts are quite simple and sometimes too easy to digest. Later, however, I found this simplicity refreshing. It also contains beautiful, vibrant illustrations to help you pause while reading and let the words sink in. Also, I’ve been rediscovering and enjoying The Minimalist Baker for simple, plant-based recipes!

Janne: Huis Marseille is one of my favorite museums in Amsterdam. The building itself is very pretty and they show beautiful photography exhibitions. At the moment they have the exhibition Recent Histories. ‘It combines the recent work of young African photographers with the work of several generations of African photographers. The exhibition brings together these photographers’ different perspectives on their countries and their continent. The themes that link their work are concerned with identity, migration, origins, and the legacy of colonialism, in relation to their own personal experiences.’ I would definitely recommend visiting this exhibition. Huis Marseille is located at: Keizersgracht 401.

Tessel: This month I’m recommending what was recommended to me by another Pisswife… The app TooGoodToGo is a great initiative for you to save money and for society in general to waste less food. The food waste that we deal with here at Too Good To Go is all the delicious, perfectly edible food that stores and restaurants have to throw out at the end of the day. This can range from bakeries that need to bake fresh everyday to supermarkets that have groceries that weren’t sold and restaurants that didn’t sell all the food they had catered for that day.’ TooGoodToGo is available in various countries! Download the app and see what you can get in your neighborhood.

Robin: Boy Erased is a heart-wrenching film about an 18-year-old boy, Jared Eamons, who is outed as gay to his religious parents and consequently sent to a conversion therapy program. The pain that this so-called therapy causes, as we see Jared struggle with his faith, family and himself, is heartbreakingly portrayed by actor Lucas Hedges as Jared. It is absolutely insane that these conversion programs still exist in some parts of the USA. But I’m glad that memoirs like these make it to the big screen – I can imagine it might be a source of hope for many closeted teens. Don’t forget to add the song ‘Revelation’ by Troye Sivan from the soundtrack to your tearjerkers-playlist.


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