In the run-up to the launch of our second printed issue, PISSWIFE is flooding with fresh inspiration and new artworks. SEXYLAND is hosting our walk-in exposition on February 27th, where we present work from PISSWIFE members and other exciting artists that explore the theme of body and mind, each in their own way. You can shop for zines, merch, prints and reasonably priced art, on top of viewing and taking in our exposition. Here are somen of the artists:

Roos Alberts (Insta: @rfalberts)
“My short birth control story is a series that shows how my Body & Mind changed while using different contraceptives. With this series I visualise and romanticise the use of the IUD (despite the many hormones that probably bring down your self-image) and showing the female body, which is beautiful in every way. With this work I attempt to show that almost every woman struggles with the use of contraceptives, but that there is a beautiful way to look at it.”

Art by Kénisha (Insta: @artbykenisha)
“My painting ‘Balance’ relates to Body & Mind because of the chakras that are presented on the body. They are fully in balance; therefore the subject experiences total balance and peace of mind.”

Satellite June (Insta: @satellitejune)
“The photo that I’ll exhibit is a self-portrait shot on a roll of film from the year I was born (1988). I make these self-portraits to deal with my insecurities. When I look through my camera, I look at my body in a different way; I am more concerned with creating a beautiful image, I pay attention to light and shapes rather than focusing on the flaws that I usually see.”

Ella Bril (Insta: @ella.bril)
“My work is about the body and mind not being on the same page all the time. Where the body is always physically present, the mind can be wondering off somewhere else completely. I think it’s an art to be fully ‘in the moment’ sometimes, to enjoy what is now and not what is yet to come.
It’s something that I consider to be very difficult. My painting will imply this struggle.”

NISA LAVIN (Insta: @nisalavin)
“This particular project is all about the fleshy and physical, and I wanted to make it layered and a bit provocative to stimulate people’s minds and imagination. My work in general is all about connecting my distinct ideas and concepts to other people’s minds through my visual, physical work: it’s a circle that I want to complete with everything I create.”

Emma Cornelia Art (Insta: @artbyemmacornelia)
“My work is about bringing my ideas, daydreams and fantasies to life in physical forms on canvas or paper. My own mind and body don’t always get along as well as I would want them to, but when I make art, it’s almost as if they’re forced to unite and embrace. They exist together in the process of creation as well as in the end result… This, to me, is a unique and beautiful way of enriching my sense of being, my ‘being whole’.”

Eivor Slågedal (Insta: @eivor.art)
“I find inspiration in the strange contrast between beautiful and ugly and how these words relate to the body. Rather than seeing the body as something external, something ‘beautiful’, I see it through its practicality and strength – its ability to process sensation, pain and pleasure, and how this is connected to the mind as they are never separate from each other”


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