This article was written by guest blogger Shequeena Devriesere, who describes herself as a “food and animal loving babe on a mission to bring love, inclusiveness and freedom to all”.

The journey of getting knocked down and making your way to the top again. Deciding between loving or hating your body, or even feeling both emotions at the same time. Connecting your body and mind and letting them work as one. All of the above happens through the beautiful magic of loving yourself and allowing yourself to be so excruciatingly you that it hurts at times. To me, and many others, this is a journey that has taken me a very long time and even though I might have reached a pleasant frequency right now – loving yourself is a never ending battle.

Shequeena Devriesere

I remember being about thirteen years old, and during that time I couldn’t wait to hit eighteen. Yet, I was looking up to people that I thought I could never compare to. I would never be able to be as beautiful, radiant and loved as that girl, or as popular as another. I could never fit into any group of people, was looking for support on the internet and ended up becoming extremely depressed and unhappy. I craved something that I thought was so far out of my reach, and I kept reminding myself of the fact that I could never be what they were, the beautiful and happy people. I was correct. I can never be who they are, and at this point I can’t even imagine wanting that. How can I? When I am the most unique, loved, beautiful and radiant through being myself.

It took me quite a while to figure out who I even was and what I needed in life. Through trial and error, falling down and getting up I figured out that I just had to look within myself to find the answer to all of my questions. At that exact point in my life I began to love myself. I realized how valuable I am, and all that I am capable of.

At first, yes, I would fake it until I made it – and many people will think that I started to love myself decades ago, yet I only changed my mindset about two years ago. I started off by thinking, really taking in my surrounding and being present, journaling, spending time with myself and my thoughts. I had to process a lot before I got to the bottom of my being but now that I’ve finally gotten there, I can tell everyone that it’s truly phenomenal. To be connected with yourself and to feel the light inside of you grow continuously is a feeling that I’ll never get sick of.

Self-love allows you to become aligned with yourself, and get focused on your purpose. After getting rid of all the negative emotions regarding myself and replacing them with positive thoughts I started connecting with people that were more positive, driven and pushed me to do better. I have become the most mindful and enthusiastic version of myself. Seeing as I was quite introverted in my younger years, this change has stunned me and given me the opportunity to create a life that is focused on flourishing and growing.

Change your mindset. Get down and dirty with yourself. You owe this to yourself. You deserve this. The start of change will be hard, and you’ll have to climb mountains bigger than you could ever imagine. Yet, once you’re standing atop of those mountains – looking out on the beautiful scenery that has become your life. You will be grateful.

Text: Shequeena Devriesere
Image: Misha Ragas

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