Every four weeks a few of the wives share what they are loving at the moment; from novels to documentaries to food to magazine articles and more. Our monthly recommendations from us to you!

Tessel by Lân Nguyen

Tessel: This month I recommend going to the new Jacqueline de Jong exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum. As you may have seen on our Instagram story, De Jong’s exhibition captures the works she made during her lifetime, commonly inspired by sexual liberation movements and womanhood. The show also highlights De Jong’s involvement in avant-garde networks inside and outside Europe, including the politically engaged Situationist International movement.

Nathalie by Lân Nguyen

Nathalie: If you read Dutch and are looking for an easy to read novel you can dream away with, I recommend Het Wolfgetal by Laura van der Haar! It’s a coming of age story set in the nineties that evokes affection and sweet nostalgia, but also suspense and horror. It took me a little while to really start loving it, but once I did there was no way back :) 

Tessel: Another recommendation from me! This podcast is not actually out yet, but I am already a huge fan. Fufu & Dadels, a new initiative by the feminists behind IamSHERO, is a podcast in which “women of color keep it 100”. These heroïnes living in Eindhoven have been doing amazing activist stuff for quite some time and I can’t wait until the first episode of Fufu & Dadels drops.

Insan by Lân Nguyen

Insan: Currently on repeat for me is the album ‘Powerhouse’ by Berlin-based genderqueer and non-binary artist Planningtorock. The album is an ode to their family and childhood in England, especially to the strong female characters in their family that inspired them to follow a music career. The music can be described as very danceable, upbeat, electronic music. My favorite tracks are ‘Powerhouse’, which is dedicated to their mother, and ‘Beulah Loves Dancing’, dedicated to their sister. Besides raising awareness in a subtle, positive and fun manner about genderqueer culture, for example with the song ‘Transsome’, they also just make really good music. Have a listen!


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