PHOTOSERIES: DIVERSE UNIVERSE hosts guest bloggers every now and then! As we believe intersectional feminism is about giving a platform to those who deserve it, we try and amplify the voices we deem important. If you have a strong opinion, an inspiring piece of art or an insightful comic, feel free to send your submission to

Satellite June was one of the artists who exhibited at PISSWIFE EXPO, which we hosted in February. Recently, she has been working on a series of analog photographs titled ‘Diverse Universe’. Satellite June elaborates on the photo series: “Because a large proportion of the womxn on the globe do not see themselves represented realistically in films, media, photography, they get the conscious and unconscious message that they are not good enough. Not pretty enough. The crazy thing is: Even the models on those photos get this same message, because their bumps, stretch marks, cellulite and waist are photoshopped. The last few months I have been talking with many womxn about this topic and I did a little research on how many womxn are actually happy with their bodies. I found the answers shocking.”

Here is a sneak preview of the photo series:

Deze diashow vereist JavaScript.

Fotografie door Satellite June
Bloemen-styling door Anne van Midden
Lingerie van The Nude Label

Do you want to see the entire photo series? Keep an eye out on Satellite June’s website.

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